2 July 2018



The Barricades series looks at some of the issues that are developing cultural walls and barricades, such as the environment, consumerism, borders and wealth.

Walls, fences and other barriers are typically used to exercise control over something of perceived value, and exclude anything that might threaten or corrupt it. They are static, isolating structures that can lead to atrophy. Barricades, on the other hand, reduce those things of value to piles of rubble in the attempt to prevent the exercise of control by those in power. They are disruptive and often a threat to the wall builders.

The images are created by cutting prints into slabs and forming them into palisades, which are re-photographed or contact printed. They are developed with sprayed and splashed chemicals clashing on the print surface, in a microcosm of the greater struggle. Unique Gelatin Silver prints.