23 October 2018


In a consumerist society, advertisers manipulate “consumers” to worship and consume material goods. Barricades looks at images used by advertisers to create the desire for beauty, fashion, luxury products and the status they impart. Viewers are conditioned to believe that products add value to their lives, and that without them they are somehow incomplete. The message is that a consumer is in control and happiest in the act of consumption, though, like an addiction, satisfaction is unattainable without further consumption. The resulting increased use of resources and output of pollution caused by this has devastating consequences for our planet. Ultimately, we will consume ourselves. The series takes visual inspiration from photographs of barricades constructed by anti-capitalist protestors in Paris during May of 1968. The images are created by cutting prints into slabs and other collage forms and arranging them into ramparts like those in Paris, which are then re-photographed, cut and printed. They are processed with sprayed and splashed chemicals clashing on the print surface, in a microcosm of the greater struggle.

Unique Chromogenic prints, 16 x 20 inches or reverse.