5 January 2017

When we were hunter/gatherers, I suspect we were more aware of our surroundings and the fragility of our existence. We were part of nature, endangered and dependent at the same time.

A couple of lucky breaks later, and here we are. The struggle to eat has become greed. The struggle to procreate has become vanity. We waste far more than we actually consume – a tribute to our aggrandizement. We think of nature as something other than ourselves.

I am interested in exploring this development from all angles – by trying to recapture the fear and wonder of our once humble relation to nature, and by examining our corruption of it.

What does this have to do with photography? While words provide an architecture for our thoughts, images seem to resonate on a more intuitive level. Photography has always had a strong association with reality and, when conjuring our response, resonates that much more. It can help expand and sensitize our perceptions, and make us alert to the mysteries of our nature as well.